Coming to Delavan, WI – June 24-28th, 2015


Who are the Walldogs?

A large “pack” of talented artists that paint vivid murals

What is the Event?

The descending of these artists on our community for a four-day mural painting marathon

When will this occur?

June 24 through June 28, 2015

Why this Event?           

To tell the story of the history of our community through the eyes of these artists, on a media that will allow us to share this rich heritage with all those who visit us

How can I help?

There will be many opportunities to help out before, during & after the event.  You can donate monies and/or volunteer your time.  See the website menu to help you choose.

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Walldogs Mural – time lapse example

Downtown Kewanee – A Walldog Certified Community

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Another Walldog mural project

Take a peek at a mural being completed right now and learn more about the Walldogs.

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We have a WINNER!!!!

Behold – The LOGO!!!

News in My Walworth County


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Community Selected Logo to be Unveiled on Thur, Aug 15, 2013


August 7, 2013


The 2015 Walldog Event Coming to Delavan

Community Selected Logo to be Unveiled on Thursday, August 15, 2013

Delavan will be the host of the 2015 Walldog event. The Walldogs are an international group of sign painters, graphic artists and other talented individuals who reunite annually to entertain and transform a community with their special brand of artistic interpretation, entertainment, and friendship. From June 24 through June 28, 2015 these artists will be in Delavan for a four-day mural painting marathon, resulting in 18 murals that will capture the sense of nostalgia and historic significance of our community.

In preparation of the event Community input on the event logo was requested. The votes are in and one design has received overwhelming support from the Community. Was it “ Walldogs Unleashed” or “Greatest Walls on Earth”? Join us for the official unveiling of the logo to find out. When will it be unveiled – Thursday, August 15 at 6:00 p.m. and where will the unveiling occur – in front of the Delavan City Hall, 123 South Second Street, Delavan, WI 513115. Come join us and stay for an informational meeting on how you can help with this historic event. Hope to see you on Thursday, August 15. If you cannot make it but want to help, email us at

We need the community’s support and involvement to help make this 2015 project a success. Please join us on August 15th!

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Walldogs museum

The displays which are found at the museum tell the history of the early sign painters who created their art on the sides of brick buildings, barns, and other structures. Examples of those early signs can still be seen throughout the Midwest and, though faded, peeling, and sometimes barely readable, these “ghost signs” remain an important part of our collective cultural and commercial history.

The modern “Walldogs” work to preserve the techniques and artistic aesthetic of those early artists. The museum presents many historic and modern artifacts associated with the craft of outdoor mural and advertising sign painting. In addition to the permanent displays, there are drawings, color renderings, and other works of art available for purchase at the museum.

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